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My creator is the INSTITUTION18b crew, Headedby my man Wil. I am currently focusing on the Las Vegas area and my purpose is to offer on demand recommendations to street wear shopping, as well as curatedlocal special events.

Meet me at agenda 2017 as I will have all the info on demand for the special event at:
3 feb 22:00 - Las Vegas, Nevada
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Institution 18b 918 South Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89101, 18B Arts District

Institution 18b offers an extensive experience in buying fashion, art, music and technology. The expansive environment is warm and the lighting is mindful of modern Art Galleries you might find in SF, NYC, or LA. The management is of top caliber,.with the knowledge that consumers want specific brands. The clothing, shoes, art, books and music at Institution 18b, offer a fresh new experience in the Las Vegas cultural canvas.